✿ Squashie (PC + Q) ✿

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✧༺🌸 ​𝙎𝙦𝙪𝙖𝙨𝙝𝙞𝙚🌸༻∞

Squashie: Lil candy-hyped bean - Will actually steal your candy.
Unity Version - 2022.3.6f1

Art by That1Lee

!IMPORTANT!! - May have some clipping, I did try to fix as much as possible tho!

Photo below is PC - By Shyccubus + Yinothy


(Free uploads in server! Link is on profile!)

Order to Import:

1 - Gesture Manager
2 - Av3Emulator
3 - Avatars 3.0 Manager
-Open Project-
4 - Poiyomi Toon 9.0.36 (PC. Skip if Quest version)
5 - Avatar Package

Photos below are QUEST! - by poifishy

FBT Tested
VRCC (VRChat Creator Companion)
Right Hand Facial Expressions
PC + QUEST compatible!

Squashie Toggles

Hair + Customization:
💮 Bun Hair
💮 Short Bob Hair
💮 Bun Hair: Bun Size
💮 Bun Hair: Fringe Length
💮 Bun Hair: Side Hair Length
💮 Bob Hair: Base Hair Length
💮 Bob Hair: Fringe Length

💮 Oversized Top
💮 PJ Top
💮 Tank Top
💮 Arm Warmers

💮 Shorts
💮 PJ Bottoms
💮 Leg Warmers

💮 Left Welly
💮 Right Welly

Right Arm Accessories:
💮 Bracelet R 1
💮 Bracelet R 2
💮 Bracelet R 3
💮 Bracelet R 4

Left Arm Accessories:
💮 Bracelet L 1
💮 Bracelet L 2
💮 Bracelet L 3
💮 Bracelet L 4

💮 Dog Ears
💮 Dog Tail
💮 Radial: Ears Bigger
💮 Radial: Tail Bigger

Skin Colours:
💮 Light
💮 Tan
💮 Dark

Hue (PC):
💮 Hue Shift: All
💮 Rainbow Shifting

Cute Things:
💮 Plushie
💮 Binki (Pacifier)
💮 Free Puppies/Kittens Box (PC)

💮🌸 GOGO LOCO! 🌸💮

Photos below are QUEST! - by That1Lee

Squashie Credits (Chibi)

🌸Head, Body, Overzised Shirt: nyakoh / nyakoh#6666
🌸Cool Matcaps: sivka.
🌸Better Gestures: realkiri
🌸Gogo Loco: Franada
🌸Bun Plush: Little_Saku
🌸Pet Box: violetpuppy
🌸Socks: cupcakesprinkle
🌸Tank Top, Shorts, Arm Warmers: pawzies
🌸Puppy Set: yamuvr
🌸Leg Warmers: Ma Machi Designs
🌸Rain Boots: 3amsnack
🌸Flamboyant Hair: Mintten
🌸Steph's Hair: saikura
🌸Winter Jammies: zioketski
🌸Binki, Bracelets, Body Stickers, Face Stickers: yinothy
🌸3D In-Game Thumbnail Pose: boo.vr

If I missed any credits, lemme know!

DO NOT TAKE PARTS OFF THE AVATAR OR ASSET MINE. Please get the assets directly from the creator stores linked!

Photos below are QUEST! - by poifishy

-By purchasing this, you agree to the TOS.

-Do NOT make this a public avatar EVEN IF you edited it.

-Do NOT share this package with anyone at all, not even the closest of people to you. (Please lol, just follow TOS & vibe man).

-Do NOT upload to any other account, no matter who they are.

-You CAN edit this avatar in unity for personal use only.

-Do NOT take things off this avatar or make it almost unrecognisable.

-Do not edit the FBX. (Only on request from the ticket function in my server)

-MUST put in correct and current information at the checkout. (Your actual discord name, not the nickname) or your license will be void/revoked.

-Product is final & non refundable. KEEP THIS IN MIND.
-My avatars are ONLY intended to be used for VRChat.

Photos below are QUEST! - by That1Lee

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Squashie + Starburst (Both PC + Quest Packages)

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✿ Squashie (PC + Q) ✿

14 ratings
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